Job opening – Strenghener- Mobilizer (DOM)

The GREATER DETROIT BAPTIST ASSOCIATION Seeks a Church Strengthener/Mobilizer*
*Replaces the Position of Associational Missionary (Director of Missions)

Specific Responsibilities:
·         Strengthen churches, and church plants by:
o    Encouraging churches to commit themselves to Christ and to one another for accomplishing the mission of the local church.
o    Developing a close relationship with pastors by giving encouragement and counsel.
o    Offering assistance with training of church leadership.
o    Assisting churches to develop a growth philosophy.
o    Working closely with and advising pastorless churches.
o    Assisting churches in mission education and coordination of mission team projects.
o    Assisting with the development of educational programs using denominational resources.
o    Encouraging and assisting the churches in making evangelism a priority.
o    Encouraging and assisting the churches in making Christian Social Ministry a priority.
o    Encouraging and assisting the churches in developing individual and cooperative stewardship.
o    Work with other Strengthener/Mobilizers and Churches to promote joint ministry events.
o    Encouraging and assisting church planters.

Financial Support:
·         Salary shall be provided by the Greater Detroit Baptist Association as Part Time Status, 16 hours per week, $1,000 per month
·         Fringe benefits provided by Greater Detroit Baptist Association: $1,000 a year for travel expenses, $1,000 per year for ministry expenses, paid vacation, 1 week for 1 year experience, 2 weeks for 2-4 years experience,  42 hours of non-accumulating sick leave per year. ½ of these hours can be used as personal leave. No health, life or disability insurance is provided.

Desired Skills:
·         Personal Evangelism.
·         Background in Cross-Cultural Ministry.
·         Supervision
·         Conflict Mediation

·         A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution with some theological training as part of the degree or in addition to the degree.

Ministry Experience:
·         A minimum of 5 years of pastoral experience either as part of a church leadership staff or as senior pastor.

Theological Views:
·         Must affirm the Baptist Faith and Message of 2000.
·         Must be a member of a church in cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention.

·         Send cover letter and resume to by December 8, 2017:
Mrs. Linda Mathis, Administrative Assistant
24250 Joy Road
Redford, MI  48239

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