Nehemiah 1-2:20

As Nehemiah heard the news that walls of the city of Jerusalem were in disrepair, Nehemiah went to Jerusalem to see the damage himself and to repair the walls, we find through this scripture that Nehemiah gathered the people, had the people work together and re-build the walls.

 We believe that we can become an Association who are focused on the task at hand: helping our churches meet the challenges in their own neighborhoods and communities as we build God’s kingdom. But, it will take work.

Together we can achieve more! At the heart of the 2019 theme we find our goals for  Gathering Together – Working Together – Building Together –RESTORING HOPE TO OUR COMMUNITIES – Celebrating 61 Years of Ministry.

Our 2019 Goals for the Greater Detroit Baptist Association are:

Intentional Church Planting – To target four areas within the borders of the Greater Detroit Baptist Association to plant churches. We want to be proactive with SendDetroit and to be intentional with our Church Planting Catalyst to maximize our efforts to plant a minimum of four churches within the GDBA in 2019.

Intentional Revitalization-  To target four existing churches to invest in with training, encouraging support, mentor-ship and prayer to revitalize. We (the associational churches) are in desperate need of revitalizing our existing churches as a team and then to use the success of those churches to help revitalize all our churches.

Intentional Church Relations-  We want to bridge the gap between urban and suburban churches and become a network of churches who work together spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not just in our city but also internationally. Along with maximizing participation in training workshops, evangelism events, Pastor round tables, pastor breakfast and other training opportunities though the Michigan Baptist State Convention

Intentional Pastoral Team Work-  We plan to engage and encourage pastors, leaders, pastor’s wives and leader’s wives to meet regularly to build the team work among the churches of the association.